Calme et tempête


Two children meet in the schoolyard. A banal scene that marks the beginning of many a child's friendship...but neither of them knows what banality is. Both face complex family situations, which they deal with using the same trick: a secret box in which they try to lock away the object of their torment. For Nino, it's the storm that always ends up taking hold of his funny, whimsical father. As for Enea, he's trying to channel the crushing emptiness that reigns at home when his mother's smile suddenly fades. Perhaps their meeting will enable them to create a balance between emptiness and storm... Two stories that read like mirrors in a tête-bêche album.

publisher La Joie de lire
published in February 2024
52 pages
21 x 29.7 cm (tête-bêcher album)
ISBN : 9782889086481

This project was part of the Bolo Klub 2020/2021.