Nachts im Cartoonmuseum Basel - Ein Mitmachposter als Entdeckungsreise durch die Vielfältigkeit der neunten Kunst


Conception and realisation of “a participatory poster as a journey of discovery through the Cartoonmuseum Basel. And fuel for the search for ideas that brings the fantastic worlds of the ninth art, its diversity and its numerous possibilities to fruition. A booklet in A5 format that, with your creative ideas, unfolds into an A2 poster that can be hung up at home by experimenters of all ages.”

Description by Anette Gehrig, Director of Cartoonmusuem Basel
closed: 14.8 cm x 21 cm
open: 42 cm x 59.4 cm

available at the Cartoonmuseum Basel reception

thank you to my lovely neighbors Valentina and Matteo for their wonderful participations ︎︎︎